sábado, junho 01, 2013

The Reason For Dragons

E que tal misturar-se motas, bullies, dragões (?), um adolescente como tantos outros e um viciado em substâncias estupefacientes que faz lembrar D. Quixote? Parece-me um excelente cocktail, mesmo que não-explosivo.
Para além do enredo ser atraente, a arte dá vontade de continuar a virar as páginas. Pode ler-se um pequeno excerto aqui, para se ter uma ideia mais concreta sobre "The Reason For Dragons", mesmo que os Dragões se mantenham escondidos.
Ora aproveitai!

The Reason for Dragons, by Chris Northrop and Jeff Stokely (Fraggle Rock), tells the story of Wendell, a high school outcast who lives a lonely, suburban existence, losing himself in books in order to avoid his distant, motorcycle-riding stepfather, Ted. When the school bullies convince Wendell to venture into the forest around their neighborhood and explore the long-abandoned Renaissance Faire grounds they all believe to be haunted, Wendell is surprised to find a man living in the barn—and even more surprised by the man himself. His new acquaintance seems the definition of crackpot, believing himself to be a medieval knight named Sir Habersham, tasked with the duty of slaying the dragon he insists is wandering the woods. But when Wendell starts hearing rumblings—and listening to Habersham’s stories—he starts to wonder if perhaps it could all be true. In a heartfelt coming-of-age story, Wendell must defy logic in order to follow his heart.

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