sábado, junho 01, 2013

Strange Attractors

Descobri este título via email do Tweeter, coisa que nem utilizo mas que me trás umas quantas novidades de autores de BD que gosto. Vasculhei um bocado e a trama pareceu-me interessante, como consta na sinopse oficial que coloco em baixo. Podem ver algumas imagens aqui e ler mais alguma informação, mas para já não há muito para se ver.
Para já,vai para a wishlist...

A young graduate student discovers that his aging professor has been saving New York City from collapse by a series of “adjustments,” a la the Butterfly Effect, only to be informed that he must be the one to take over keeping the city alive. A grounded sci-fi thriller in the vein of Source Code and The Adjustment Bureau.

In 1978, Dr. Spencer Brownfield saved New York City from itself, bringing the city back from the verge of collapse and ruin. And for 30  years, his small, minute and unnoticed adjustments to the city’s systems have, a la the Butterfly Effect, kept the city afloat. Or so he claims to Heller Wilson, a young graduate student that Dr. Brownfield has chosen as his successor. But are Dr Brownfield’s claims about “complexity math” and its application to the city’s patterns of life real, or are they the ravings of a man broken by the death of his wife and daughter, desperate to find some kind of control over the world around him? Strange Attractors is about control—what you can control in your life and what you can’t, and how important it is to recognize the difference.


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