terça-feira, março 17, 2009

Sin City 5 - Family Values

"Well, back before Bruno became a champion for family values--

--back when he was still doing the kind of work he enjoyed--

--Bruno caught up with a stoolie. The stoolie, he´d just that evening picked up a raving beauty of a gal.

Not fond of leaving witnesses in any condition to testify, Bruno plugged the both of them.

The stoolie was nobody special. There was nobody who counted who missed him.

But the beauty--she was Andrea Vittoria Magliozzi--

--beloved niece of Giacco Magliozzi--

--also known as Don Magliozzi--

--undisputed ruler of the region´s Cosa Nostra.


Mauro Bex : maurobindo

2 comentários:

looT disse...

E a maratona Sin City continua!!!

Eu este já não li. Mas os anteriores são estupendos.


maurobindo disse...

Continua e já estou a meio do último volume :)

Estou a curtir bastante. Parece-me que o final será muito bom. Depois dou notícias.